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    Random. Feelings. Her. Love. My little E V E R Y thing.

    Shawty makes me weak. I be losing my gangsta n’shidd, stepping out of my whole element with her. But I’ll be that lame for her and show her what she means to me. I’ll show the world what she means to me. When it’s real there is no limit on what you would do it comes naturally. It flows. Ugh I waited a decade for her would’ve waited forever for her. It was time to snatch her butt up though. Mineeee!

    • A lot of people aren't going to understand your walk with God. 1. Because they've never felt his prescence like we have. 2. They are from the world, and we're children of God. This walk is lonely. We will loose friends. But we will gain a saviour. Who will never forsake us when we're weary. When you head into troubled waters don't be afraid to call out his name. Without christ we're nothing. But with Christ we are unstoppable.
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